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A Factory Supervisor is a key role within a manufacturing facility, responsible for overseeing the daily operations and ensuring the efficient production of goods. The primary objective of a Factory Supervisor is to maintain a safe and productive work environment while meeting production targets and quality standards. The job description may vary depending on the specific industry and company, but here is a general outline of the responsibilities and qualifications typically associated with a Factory Supervisor position:
Supervision and Leadership:
• Manage and lead a team of production workers, including machine operators, assemblers, and other staff.
• Assign tasks and responsibilities to team members, ensuring proper utilization of skills and resources.
• Provide guidance, training, and support to employees, fostering a positive and collaborative work atmosphere.

Production Oversight:
• Monitor production processes to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently.
• Set production goals, targets, and priorities in alignment with company objectives.
• Address any production-related issues or delays promptly to minimize disruptions.

Quality Control:
• Implement and enforce quality control procedures to ensure products meet established standards.
• Conduct regular inspections and audits to identify defects or deviations from specifications.
• Collaborate with quality assurance teams to address and resolve quality issues.

Safety and Compliance:
• Uphold strict safety protocols and guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure a secure working environment.
• Train employees on proper safety procedures and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Inventory Management:
• Monitor inventory levels of raw materials, components, and finished goods to prevent shortages or overages.
• Coordinate with procurement and supply chain departments to maintain adequate inventory levels.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting:
• Track production metrics, such as output, efficiency, and downtime, and prepare regular reports for management.
• Analyze data to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to enhance productivity.

Communication and Collaboration:
• Liaise with other departments, such as maintenance, engineering, and logistics, to ensure seamless operations.
• Communicate effectively with team members, management, and other stakeholders to convey goals, expectations, and updates.

• High school diploma or equivalent; bachelor’s degree in a related field may be preferred.
• Previous experience in a supervisory or leadership role within a manufacturing or industrial setting.
• Strong knowledge of production processes, machinery, and equipment.
• Familiarity with safety regulations and compliance standards.
• Excellent organizational, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
• Effective communication and interpersonal abilities.
• Proficiency in using computer software for data analysis and reporting.
Keep in mind that this job description is a general guideline, and the specific responsibilities and qualifications may vary based on the industry, company size, and location. It’s essential to tailor the job description to match the unique requirements of the factory and its production processes.


Basic Details

salary : 4001-5000 AED

Experience : 1 - 2 Years

Location : Dubai

Qualification :

Posted :

Job Type : Full-Time

Company : Dubai Jobs

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